The Law

From 1st November 2008 it is against the law to supply number plates containing a UK registration number that do not meet the current BSAU145d standards.
Please do not ask us to break the law, we will not do it.

What do I need to get a plate made up?

We as the number plate supplier will need to see at least one document from each of the lists below. This will allow the number plate supplier to confirm your name, address and entitlement to the registration number. All documents must be original, not copies.

Documents to confirm your identity

One of the following:

Documents to establish your entitlement to the registration number

One of the following:

All documents must be the originals and not copies. You can send them to our address, or or take them to 1 of our distributors in your area after you have placed an order. We will not make your plates until we have received the documents.